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Norfolk Tent Company manufacturers tents to suit a variety of customers and applications. Our tent styles fall into two tent styles; frame tents and tension or pole tents. We offer a complete line of commercial grade tents. All of our products are made in our Norfolk, Virginia factory. our company philosophy is to provide the best possible products at fair prices to our clients. All of our products ship 'complete'. This means that all tents include storage bags for all parts, frame pipes, tops and covers, and sidewalls. We provide ropes, tent stakes, and safety caps for each tent leg or side pole.
Frame Tents

A frame tent is a free standing structure. The frame will stand on it's own and carry the cover. The tent top is strapped to the perimeter of the frame. Frame tents offer some advantages over pole tents. In all cases there aren't any poles inside the perimeter of the tent. A frame tent will be supported by legs around the edge of the tent, whereas a pole tent will have the same perimeter legs, but will have a least one pole in the center of the tent to carry the fabric. The internal space of the frame tents is open. Although a frame tent is free standing, anchoring is still necessary to keep the tent in place. The installer does have more options for securing the tent including weights or permanently anchoring the legs. We offer two styles of frame tents - The Flex Frame Tent and Flex Frame Walkway are our commercial tent renter's system (click on the Flex Frame System link for details)- The Party Frame Tent is a lighter duty and/ or 'over the counter' tent. Finish off your frame tent with our Sidewalls.

Clearspan / Structure Tents

A clearspan tent is also a free standing structure. The structural components of these tents are larger than a traditional frame tent. We offer three different beam profiles, all of which are rectangular and thus offer greater strength and wider tents. Each of the beams have four channels integrated which allow for the canvases to be slid into them via a keder system. The CB Clearspan systems are also fully engineered and wind rated for 90mph wind speeds. They make an excellent solution for both short and long term installations. Like frame tents, clearspans do not have any internal support poles and allow for huge interior spaces. They are ideal for large events, exhibitions, hospitality areas, and various temporary services facilities.

Pole (Tension) Tents

Pole tents are also know as tension tents or canopy style tents. In each case a pole tent uses a series of side poles at the perimeter of the tent and at least one larger pole in the center of the tent to carry the tent top. Outward tension is applied to the perimeter of the tent top via a system of straps and tent stakes. The poles are then stood up and the tension in the tent top keeps them upright. The installer must use the strap system and anchoring points must be outside the perimeter of the tent so that the tension is evenly distributed. The pole tent style has advantages including larger available sizes and easier installations for larger sizes.  We offer two different pole tent styles - The Traditional Pole Tent and the lighter duty OTC Canopy Tent. Like our frame tents above you can finish off your tension tents with our Sidewalls.


Norfolk Tent offers many accessories for our tents including rain gutters, sidewall extensions, replacement parts, braces, etc. Follow the link for Accessories.

Other Products

In addition to our tents we also manufacture tennis court screens, custom sized truck tarps, indoor padding systems, and restaurant enclosures. Please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for.

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