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Flex Frame Weight Calculator  This is an excel spreadsheet that calculates an approximate weight for our Flex Frame system. Enter the number of complete tents or enter the number of parts, poles, tops, and stakes, and the spreadsheet will calculate an approximate transportation weight.
Flex Frame Parts Calculator  This is an excel spreadsheet that calculates the parts and poles that are needed to set up any combination of Flex Frame Tents on any given day. Use this to plan for large events or busy weeks. Enter the number of tents that are up over a period of 7 days and the spreadsheet will calculate all the parts, poles and stakes that you need. Compare that number with your inventory.
Norfolk Tent Company has been serving the commercial tent market since 1907.  On this page you'll find resources that we hope are helpful. Some of the more common references are under the links at the right. Some of our other tools and information are below.
Frame Diagrams  Follow the frame diagram link on right to access all of the frame diagrams and parts lists.
Set Up Instructions  Follow the set up instructions link at right to access set up instructions for frame, canopy and pole tents.
Replacement Parts  Are you missing something? Follow the frame tent parts link at right to see pictures of our flex frame fittings, party frame fittings, and other parts and accessories.



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