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CB ClearSpan Tents

The CB ClearSpan Tent line are the true push up style engineered structures. The CB's are available in three beam profiles with widths from 10' to 82' and unlimited lengths. These tents deliver huge unobstructed interiors for the ultimate in event space possibilities. CB's straight beam design offers the classic lines that make any installation memorable. These structure tents are completely engineered, widely used, and compatible with many European manufactured products. The fabric is 22oz premium coated blackout and integrates with the beams via a keder system for a neat and weather tight appearance.
CB Clearspan Skelaton
Beam Profiles

The CB Series consists of three beam profiles. Each profile is a complete clear span tent system that offers multiple widths and unlimited lengths. Some of the series widths overlap but the larger the profile the longer the possible spans. Within each profile series the components are interchangeable such that changing widths is as simple as changing rafters.